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Digital Signage for Schools
and Universities

Cultivate strong student, faculty, and staff communities, through a wide range of usage scenarios. Digital signage is great for multiple campuses and building locations.  Keep your Branding and Message consistent throughout the entire organization.

Key Use Cases


Communicate Campus


Display info like club meetings, concerts, athletic events,

and school functions.

School Cafeteria Menu


Our in-app image editor makes updating price lists and

menus a breeze.


Local Info

Display helpful info like weather & traffic updates,

company news local fairs & charity events.



Community Updates

Display highlights of student life, by creating a playlist from your social media hashtags or posts.



Merchandising Offers

Advertise special offers and sales at your campus bookstore, with just a few clicks.



School Security

Easily set-up IP video surveillance monitors.


Key Benefits

✓ Increase student motivation with gamification and rewards

✓ Drive awareness about new academic events or lectures

✓ Impress visitors with compelling photos/video content showcasing facilities and achievements

✓ Display upcoming school events or trips, to increase participation and class bonding

✓ Safeguard that emergency alerts and notifications are disseminated throughout the school or campus

✓ Save money and the environment by not using traditional marketing techniques like paper flyers and posters

✓ Maintain tight and central control of messaging that allows remote management

✓ Keep students, faculty and staff simultaneously informed and entertained, and increase campus engagement

Digital Signage Display Solutions
Digital Signage Display Solutions
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