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Why Choose Mosaic Marketing?

Someone once asked me if I worry about my competitors. I thought about this and I responded NO...
"The only thing I worry about is our Customers." Said Al Canosa Owner of Mosaic.

Mosaic Marketing is a full-service marketing agency based in Branford, CT helping companies reach targeted audiences with personalized marketing messages. The reality of the modern marketing landscape is that having the best-looking website or most competitive products just won’t cut it.

Mosaic helps companies improve their marketing presence by conducting in-depth market research, planning targeted campaigns, providing the highest level of execution, and then constantly optimizing for the strongest results.

We’re huge believers in marketing attribution and ROI, so we implement the most advanced tools available in the marketplace to track every campaign’s results. We monitor which efforts should be increased/decreased and ensure our clients are getting the most from their marketing budget.

Mosaic Process:

  • We listen to our clients' goals and needs

  • Our research team gets involve

  • We then come up with the best-suggested marketing strategy

  • We communicate back and forth with our clients, we finalize the strategy

  • A custom marketing formula is born

Why do clients partner with Mosaic?
We deliver, on time, on budget and we do all we can to make our clients successful!!
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