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Why use a digital grocery sign?

Grocery signs are an effective tool to keep everyone safe while they shop. Positioning your signs at the entrance to your grocery store or supermarket, at the end of aisles, and near your checkout lanes and cash, registers help make sure your message is seen. Digital grocery signs can be used to share important product information around prices, stocking, limits per person, and promotions. Grocery store digital signage can also help you reduce paper printing costs and the time it takes to update information in your grocery store.

Improve Customer And Employee Safety

Many customers and employees are concerned about their safety inside

grocery stores and supermarkets during the coronavirus crisis. Grocery and

supermarket signs can help you communicate the steps you are taking to

keep your customers and employees safe while they shop and provide them

tips on how they can keep themselves safe.

Improve Grocery Store


Grocery signs can be an effective tool to improve employee and overall store efficiency. With grocery digital signage you can share KPIs and company goals using live data on TVs in your employee break room. Helping employees understand how the actions they take daily impact overall company goals is a powerful way to align everyone behind the same mission.

Keep Frontline Employees Informed

Break room signage and employee cafeteria signs are great tools to keep frontline store employees informed of important company information, policies, and training. You can also share world and industry news, weather, personalized with your logo, and brand colors to create your own corporate TV channel for your break rooms.

“We were able to save about $2000 per year in the budget for our town. 

— Garet Wyatt, Local Business

Reduce Perceived Wait Times

Digital signage helps reduce perceived wait times by entertaining guests and shoppers as they wait to enter your grocery store or stand in a checkout line. Showing attractive advertising, entertainment news, weather, and more on checkout aisle screens helps reduce perceived wait time and drives impulse purchases.

Update Supermarket Signs Based On The Time Of Day And Location

With a digital supermarket and grocery signs, you can tailor your message based on the time of day and by location. This lets you share the right information at the right time to the right audience. Menu boards in your grocery store can be set to show breakfast in the morning, lunch in the afternoon, and dinner in the evening. End caps can be set to show different products based on the store location or time of day. This targeting will help you drive sales and improve your customer experience.

Digital Signage Display Solutions

Digital Grocery Sign Use Cases

Welcome Signs

Welcome shoppers to your grocery store and provide pertinent information with them like safety and social distancing policies, promotions, and directions to various sections of your store.

Safety Signs

Share safety signs in your loading bay, break room, and throughout your store with employees and customers to keep them safe and healthy.




Aisle Signs

Digital aisle signs help customers easily navigate your store. This improves the shopping experience and will help customers find everything they need and more before lining up for checkout.




Grocery Pickup Instruction Signs

Use digital grocery signs to promote curbside pickup and help your customers navigate to your online grocery pickup spots.

"To drive the point home, we have had several vendors, some who charge $1,000 monthly for their cloud software, come through and look at the solution we have put together.

Break Room Signage

Break room signage lets you share engaging content every day. Share employee's birthdays, recognize accomplishments, share safety information, highlight key initiatives, and help avoid the spread of misinformation by communicating messages in real-time to your employees.

Produce Signs

Promote your locally sourced organic produce using bright, animated, digital signs to attract shoppers and convert them.




End Cap Signs

End caps are a valuable location for highlighting products and promotions. Keeping end cap promotions fresh can be a challenge. With a digital end cap, keeping signs fresh is fast and easy.

Digital Signage Display Solutions
Digital Signage Display Solutions
Digital Signage Display Solutions
Digital Signage Display Solutions
Digital Signage Display Solutions
Digital Signage Display Solutions
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