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Digital Signage in the Warehouse 

Warehouses are safer and more efficient when there are signs to help employees stay informed, direct traffic, share important safety information, and communicate company goals. With a warehouse digital sign, you can update your signs remotely from your office or home, and you can schedule changes weeks or months in advance. Subtle animations and live data will help capture attention and get your message seen. Update your warehouse signs to digital signs and save on printing costs, modernize your facilities, and keep employees safe.

Keep Employees Safe

Making your facility a safer place is easy with a digital warehouse sign. Quickly

create all of the safety signage you need for your warehouse such as OSHA signs,

weight capacity signs, injury prevention signs, in-warehouse traffic signs, keep the

area clear signs, freight elevator signs, safety scoreboards, and more!

Then distribute all of the signs you create to TVs throughout your warehouse.

Improve Warehouse


Warehouse signs are the perfect way to share company goals and show employees

how the actions they take every day to connect to overall company performance.

With a digital warehouse sign, you can show data such as the number of days since the last injury, order picking warehouse statistics, picking accuracy, receiving efficiency, and more.

Engage And Entertain Warehouse Employees

Ditch the cable news and create your own branded company TV channel in your warehouse breakroom or lunchroom. A digital warehouse sign is a perfect way to share company events and announcements, news, live streams, videos, and more. Entertain your warehouse employees and get them engaged in all of the awesome things going on in your organization.

Build Company Culture

Communicating company values, mission, and vision and ensuring they are seen and understood can be a challenge, especially for employees who might not have a corporate email address or work in the head office. Digital warehouse signs will help you build company culture by getting your core values and other important company culture messages in front of your front line employees in eye-catching ways every day.

Tailor Messages Based On The Time Of Day And Location

A digital warehouse sign gives you the ability to change your signs based on the time of day without you having to walk through your warehouse or up and downstairs. Share important company news early in the morning when employees are most receptive and lighter announcements in the evening. Tailor your messages based on where in the warehouse each sign is such as showing safety messages in high traffic areas and entertaining content in the breakroom.

Digital Signage Display Solutions

Digital Manufacturing Sign Use Cases

Warehouse Welcome Sign

Welcome employees, clients, and visitors to your warehouse with a digital warehouse sign. Showcase your brand and share your company values, mission, vision, and history.






Warehouse Safety Signs

Improve warehouse safety by positioning warehouse signs throughout your facility. Create and share OSHA signs as well as your own custom messages.





Company Events And Announcements

Connect your warehouse sign to a calendar to share company events and announcements with your employees. Help them get more involved in your organization and improve employee engagement.




Warehouse Breakroom TV

Use a digital warehouse sign to entertain and engage employees in your cafeteria, lunchroom, or breakroom. Share news, videos, and company information.





Employee Recognition Sign

Share birthdays, anniversaries, and recognize employees for their tenure or accomplishments. Build a sense of community and make employees feel proud with an employee recognition sign in your warehouse.






Company Values And Culture

Build a strong culture in your warehouses, share your company values, and the key themes that are important to your organization.

Digital Signage Display Solutions
Digital Signage Display Solutions
Digital Signage Display Solutions
Digital Signage Display Solutions
Digital Signage Display Solutions
Digital Signage Display Solutions
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